Cyberkov SIRT
Cyberkov Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)


Cyberkov SIRT (Cyberkov Security Incident Response Team) is your organization's most crucial ally during cyber security incidents and emergencies. Cyberkov SIRT can assist your organization in recovering from attacks and emergencies, going back in business, detecting intrusions, and hunting hackers and malware inside your network. Cyberkov SIRT will save you when all else fails.

Cyberkov SIRT will respond to real or suspected detrimental incident related to cyber security, in one or many of the following examples:
* Malicious attacks (either failed or successful) on your network, infrastructure and assets.
* Hunting malware or hackers inside your network.
* Tracing the effects and changes made by adversarial entities against your network, whether internal or external.
* Collection of digital forensic evidences and clues that help in defense of the network, restoration of services and as evidence to legal investigations.


When the Cyberkov SIRT is engaged inside an organization, the experts will work their knowledge and experience, while utilizing officially-certified tools fit for the job, to combating attackers inside your network; including tracing their activities, triaging the damage (or lack thereof), collecting evidence and helping in sealing off points of entry of attackers, as well as sever all connections and means of ingress/egress they may be utilizing. Unlike a regular forensic investigation, the Cyberkov SIRT carries out active operations with instant feedback to the client, so that clients do not have to wait for the duration of operations in order to defend themselves.

After the conclusion of technical operations, the prevention of more attacks, and the cessation of malware activities in the network, the client is provided with guidance in both technical and procedural viewpoints in order to be able to resist and survive such attacks in the future.


The Cyberkov SIRT provides the client with a complete solution to respond to cyber security incidents, from detection, containment and eradication all the way to increased readiness and knowledge transfer.

Attackers rarely sleep. We never do.

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