Abdullah AlAli
Chief Executive Officer

Abdullah AlAli is the head and founder of Cyberkov Ltd., he is the face behind Cyberkov team.
Abdullah has participated in countless security events,TV interviews, reports and projects in the Middle-East region, and he is widely known as the premier IT security and privacy figure in the region.
Abdullah holds a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, Master degree in Cybercrime law as a large number of highly technical security certifications such as ( CISSO, C|EH, C|HFI, MCSE, RHCE, ISFS, CIFI, MCSE, CWNA, CWSA, MCITP, MCTS, IISFA), indicating a thorough background in most technical fields pertaining to security.
Through campaigns and public appearances, Abdullah has helped introduce a culture of privacy and cybersecurity amongst the public of the MENA region in a style that sheds the light on the needs of end users as well as organizations.

Dr. Hassan El-Sallabi
Chief Advisor

Dr. Hassan El-Sallabi is the Chief Advisor for Cyberkov, providing strategic advising and consultation for Cyberkov's business and technical processes and projects.
With a PhD/D.Sc in RF, Wireless and Telecommunication engineering from Helsinki University of Technology in Finland; a Post Doctoral (Higher doctorate) from Stanford University in Silicon Valley, as well as research activities in Texas A&M University and New York Polytechnic, more than 10 patents, as well as years of experience in Silicon Valley; Dr. Hassan is able to integrate decades worth of scientific research and input into Cyberkov's business.
Dr. Hassan produced more than 100 scientific publications, and his research with Polaris Wireless in Silicon Valley helped emergency services (911) in the United States develop and improve their life-saving response and location procedures for people in distress. For his significant contributions in research, Dr. Hassan was awarded by IEEE, Nokia Foundation, and others.

Rasheed Al Azemi
Government Relations Director

Rasheed Al Azemi is a government relations director who manages communicating within clients in the governmental sector. With over two decades experience in the intelligence sector Rasheed been working with various teams including the U.S. Navy on projects varying between communicating security matters with multiple governments as well as putting such communications into ongoing actions.
The U.S. Marine credits Mr. Rasheed for his unparalleled devotion and mindset toward work that led for assigning him to top projects around the globe.
Mr. Rasheed has been awarded from the US Central Command, the US Army Transportation Command, the US Naval Coastal Warfare Command, and the US Coast Guard Port Security and Harbor Defense Command.

Saleh Alsanad
Senior IT Security Analyst

Saleh Alsanad is a Senior IT Security Analyst, Computer Engineer and Certified Ethical Hacker specializing in offensive security, penetration testing of networks, applications and development of security systems.
Saleh has a long experience in the fields of Digital Forensics, e-Discovery, Cryptography, Anti-Malware, Reverse engineering and development of exploits.
In his illustrious career, Saleh trained with the best IT Security institutions such as SANS, ISC2, SafeNet and others.
Besides Cybersecurity projects, Saleh also helped government establishments in implementing security policies and standards ISO27001.

Mohammed Almansour
IT Security Specialist

Mohammed Almansour is an IT Security Specialist certified in many fields of network security, offensive cybersecurity and penetration testing of applications and systems.
Mohammed has a long experience in managing, deploying and securing systems and IT infrastructures.
He also has a long experience in computer forensics, network penetration testing, wireless security and hardening of Windows, Linux and Unix environments.
Mohammed helped private and governmental organizations implementing security standards and policies and has received technical training from the best security institutions around the world.