As opposed to Penetration Testing services, a Security Assessment is performed through the perspective of a security administrator (rather than a hacker).
In many cases, organizations do not prefer to employ penetration tests because of a myriad of reasons (such as legal, service disruption concerns, or budget). In this case, a Security Assessment can be the optimal choice, as it allows organizations to check the security configurations, database, physical infrastructure... etc, without having to perform a full penetration test.

Simply put, a Security Assessment is the process of securing systems & networks in the mindset of the security administrator.

Hackers always exploit bad configurations, so be ready!

Security Assessment

A Security Assessment is the process of employing administration tools & techniques to verify the security of configurations, infrastructure, deployment tiers and even the physical protections.
Cyberkov security experts will verify configurations for systems, databases and network devices, as well as assess the infrastructure for security problems.
The network is not the only entry point! Verify the physical protection of datacenters, IT departments and organizational assets against physical intrusions

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