No matter how expensive or complicated equipment and software can get, the most important asset in the organization is the human element. Employees at all levels, from Executives to Developers and Customer Support, are all part of the same environment; and security decisions made by anyone can affect most of the organization.

Therefore, it is vital that employees are educated sufficiently and kept up to date with the most significant risks and attacks that threaten the organization. Attackers get creative everyday, and unless employees are constantly trained, somebody will almost always fall victim to fraud, scams and tricks.
Implement a Security Awareness program before your employees turn into another big vulnerability!

Security Awareness

Through a realistic, scenario-based Security Awareness campaign, your employees can understand the culture of security and detect attacks & tricks targeted at your most important assets.
Cyberkov will plan and implement a clear, to-the-point awareness campaign that will introduce security as a responsibility & quality of employees, rather than a burden to progress.
It is never too late to start learning!

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