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Cyberkov RedTeam
The Ultimate Security Test for your Organization


Designed for exceptional organizations that want to go beyond the limits in cyber security; the Cyberkov RedTeam Operation is an offensive program of Cyber warfare, Intelligence Gathering and Tactical Exploitation against an organization’s IT infrastructure, staff, protections, Incident Response controls and more.


Unlike a regular security test, a RedTeam Operation is carried out invisibly without knowledge of IT staff. Only an organization’s top management are aware of the operation, in order to test the effectiveness and awareness of current IT staff and controls against impending dangers. Only the most attentive security teams may survive this program.

Because an organization is more than just routers and servers; a complete all-encompassing approach is required to test how well people, systems and processes integrate together to protect assets and information.


The Cyberkov RedTeam Operation provides a completely realistic picture of the security readiness, in comparison with normal penetration tests or announced assessments. Attackers do not use project scopes, and don’t play by the rules. The unconventional methods of the Cyberkov RedTeam can save you from becoming breaking news.

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